WEDDING portrait London EVENT photo HERTS bucks BEDS oxford BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP
WEDDING portrait EVENT photo London HERTS bucks BEDS oxford MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP BBC photographer of the year WEDDING portrait EVENT photo BEDS oxford London HERTS bucks BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP


There are international BBC award winning wedding photographers and photographers that take pictures at weddings and all types in between!  

Regardless of who you choose to be your wedding photographer, remember;

Long after the ceremony is over

and your memories of the day have faded

 into the bliss of living happily ever after,

the one thing that you'll still have

to remind you of the best day of your life

is your wedding photographs....

When you are considering who to choose as the photographer to entrust with the images of your wedding day or civil ceremony, find an experienced, reliable and friendly photographer who will work with you to capture the essence, beauty and the fun of your wedding day in a style that you want and who cares as much about your wedding day as you do. 

Wedding photography is overpriced!

          ...great images shouldn't cost great amounts of money.




     A white wedding venue with a difference?



I understand that price is a very important consideration when there is a budget with many calls being made upon it. 

While some photographers may give the convenience of a shopping list of prices,

the price you eventually pay for just a few images

may not be the fixed price you thought!

I work to a quality not a price, but I'm equally sure I can deliver the quality you want at a price that will be within your budget. 

Prices for the whole day from the bride getting ready, the ceremony and the cake cutting start at just 550.

As I only photograph one wedding a day, you can have me for as much or as little time as you wish.



If I take your wedding pictures, the price will include the following:

    As many meetings as you need to feel comfortable in discussing what you both want from your images of the day.

    All the help and advice that you might want to ensure your special day is presented in a way that you'll love. 

    Exactly the style of images that you desire

    Meeting you both at the venue of the ceremony and reception prior to the day, (especially if it's one I have not photographed at before) to discuss with you the details of what you want.

    Pre wedding test images these are taken at the venues  and they can help you decide what you'd prefer as the location for your photos and to give you an idea of what they will look like. 

      These test images are yours too

    A free studio session 

      The FREE studio session can be used before the big day or after the honeymoon, depending upon what is most convenient for you and fits the diary for us both)

    A complete set of images, YES, all the images. 

      That's all the images captured on the day, the test shots and the studio session shots. 

      Typically this is well over 1,000 images  delivered to you CD or DVD 

      No limits on the number of images you get.

    FREE Black and white / monochrome images?

      If you are unsure about which images you want in black and white? 


      Whatever the number of images, there will be a colour version and a black and white monochrome version included on the CD or DVD!  And of course, there is NO extra cost.

From a recent wedding I delivered over 3,000 images on seven DVDs

    Reprints / extra copies of an image?

      This is the place where most "old school" photographers really make their money from you.  Every extra copy of a print costs you lots of extra money!  But hang on, this is the same image, WHY? Your local supermarket can print off multiple copies of the same print for under 5p... So why are you having to pay up to 50 for each reprint?

      You have paid for the photographers time and then for the few images on offer and then paying again for the reprint or any more than the designated allotment... that's paying three times for two images! It would be called a "con" if a supermarket  tried charging you three times for two items!


      You don't pay three times or even twice, you pay only once!  You pay for my time, you get all the images, not just 20, 40 or 60 and shock horror! YOU can print them, YOU can copy them, YOU can give to friends, guests and relatives! YOU do not order them from me and you don't  pay me extra for the priviledge of printing the pictures you have already bought!


      No more reprints to buy! EVER!


Three questions to ask when comparing the costs of wedding photographers;

How many photos do I get?


How much will they cost?


Then ask yourself,

What am I going to be paying for each photo?


I don't supply a wedding album in the price as there are so many variations in style, quality and finish.  But, if you wish, I can provide you with details of wedding albums to suit your style, from hand tooled Italian books to English classical loose leafs, large canvas prints or photo books.  Something for every taste and budget. 

I have the facilities to print large giclee images here in the studio or mounted dye sublimation prints at the reception for your guests, again if you wish.

If you want me to photograph your wedding and you are planning to be married abroad, just add the cost of travel and accommodation to the price.  I don't surcharge for travel time!

I can promise you that you will not find any hard selling either, albums, videos, extra photographers or a minimum number of prints you must buy, all are covered above.


I can promise you will find the overwhelming desire to ensure that your very special day is captured in the style that you want and will always remember it by and with a reliable, experienced wedding photographer who will make it "One less thing to worry about".




If what you have read here is what you are looking for or if I can help in any way make sure your day goes exactly as you want it, please email me and we can arrange a meeting for you to tell me what you'd like.  There's no charge and no obligation other than to enjoy the very special day. 

If you are getting married soon, many congratulations to you both and good luck in your future together, I look forward to hearing from you.


Max Pickering LRPS

Some examples of my wedding photos can be found here


    Wedding Blog and perhaps some questions to ask your wedding photographer (started January 2008, most recent first)

Another call! This time the "professional photographer of many years experience"  who also does weddings is using an old monitor with which to colour balance the wedding shots.  There is more chance of winning the lottery twice than there is correctly colour balancing an image with old equipment.  The equipment needs to be calibrated too.  It's like trying to get the colours right while not knowing you are colour blind...  The printers, he doesn't print his own images therefore has no control over their quality, the printers printed exactly what they were sent....  it just didn't match reality and never could.  Anyway, the photos are now being rebalanced to correct all the errors in the prints, there is a bride and groom will not have to have their wedding photos in black and white. 

The photographer refused to give back any money but has amended his contract  to indemnify himself from the colour blindness he doesn't know he has!

Another call from another bride and the same photographer!  This bride had her photos delivered with a yellow cast to them, possibly wrong colour balance set on the camera when the wedding photos were shot.  A simple enough matter to remedy but you do need to know that there is a yellow cast in the first place! bad equipment and ignorance = bad results.


I received a call today from a very distressed bride who I'd spoken to last year when she had wanted to book me as their wedding photographer.  I couldn't do it, as it was on a date I was already booked to do another.  She explained that it was now three months since the wedding she still did not have her wedding pictures.  The photographer she used, had taken over  1,200 to photograph the wedding and then suddenly insisted on a further 4,000 for an album of 40 images before the couple got anything at all to look at.    She also explained that the photographer turned up for the first time only a half hour before the ceremony and was a total stranger, not the photographer she had previously spoken to and made all the arrangements with! 

She asked if there was anything she could do.  I've arranged with her to go back to the venue where they got married and re-shoot all the exterior shots of them both and offered the use of my studio for some formal shots of her wedding dress so they would have something by which to remember the day.   I also put them in touch with the professional association that this photographer claimed to be a member of, but it seems that this organisation have not heard of him.

This is perhaps the worst example I've heard of.  What I would call "conveyor belt wedding photography" (not only will it end up costing them substantially more than it would have done had I not already been booked), but where the company is more interested in taking your money than they are in capturing your day and helping to make it  extra special,

2 days after the above;

Another call... this time the wedding photographer has cancelled the booking four months before the wedding!  I'm getting more and more calls about this happening, it's become a disturbing trend.

Sometimes there may seem to be a valid reason but sometimes it might well be that the wedding photographer that you booked at a bargain price has got another booking for a bigger price. 

How to avoid it?

Is the price too good to be true? Then it probably is!

Watch for clauses in the contract which allow the photographer to cancel without  the responsibility of finding you  a replacement!

Is the photographer who is taking the pictures a member of a professional organisation? There are many, some insist on a standard of workmanship, others no more than that you pay a subscription

Make sure that the photographer you talk to is the photographer that will be taking the pictures and that an inexperienced  novice or assistant isn't going to be substituted!

One of the best indicators seems to be if the photographer has invested heavily their chosen profession or are they just part time or short term opportunists ?? 

Do they have their own studio?

How many cameras do they take to a wedding, the correct answer should be three camera bodies and multiple lenses

What backup equipment do they plan to have with them during the ceremony?   Are the carrying two or more complete set-ups in case one breaks down or do they plan to say "Stop! can I just go back to the car and get my spare battery?"




some of the primary and backup photographic kit I take with me on a location shoot



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