WEDDING portrait London EVENT photo HERTS bucks BEDS oxford BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP
WEDDING portrait EVENT photo London HERTS bucks BEDS oxford MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP BBC photographer of the year WEDDING portrait EVENT photo BEDS oxford London HERTS bucks BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP

Wedding photography

Information about wedding photography can be found here


Equine, Pet and Family Portrait Prices

The family, equestrian and pet portraits can be done either in the comfort of your own home using portable studio equipment or at an outdoor location nearby.  For more specialised imagery, a visit to the fully equipped studio here may be required.

Portrait sitting 50  (or free with gift voucher)

One portrait sitting, no limit on the number of images captured or people attending, Its recommended that you bring a friend with you.  Previews will be available for viewing as the pictures are taken using a wireless link to a monitor screen that you can see.  So as the image is taken, you'll see it on screen!  Purchase via a password protected web page can be organised if requested.

From 06/09/2006 a specialist digital printing company using Fuji Crystal archive photographic paper will be printing all the images purchased here.  They also offer many more sizes as well as a huge assortment of finishes; canvas, hessien, anti-scratch, leather and linen.  For the majority of uses, the gloss finish is the one to get.  


    Dye sublimation printing;

    9 inches x 6 inches, mounted;


  • Glicee prints are not mounted,
  • sized in inches and priced as follows
  • A4 landscape or portrait orientation;



    A3+ (about 19 inches x 13 inches)

    Landscape or portrait orientation;



Postage and packing is 5.00 in the UK

Please note that the image you order may not touch all the edges of  the print, if the image has been cropped or you want part of the image removed, but the image will be as large as the size allows. 

Portrait sitting and CD or DVD of high resolution images



CD or DVD with all the images from the session,

 in colour and monochrome


One portrait sitting, no limit on the number of images captured or people/horses/pets attending.

The disc of high resolution images of your choice is supplied with a licence for personal printed use, so you can print your own copies at home or take the disc to a high street printer send them to friends or family etc.

How to order images

Please make a note of the images you would like,

along with the size and finish (gloss or other)

 and email the details along with your name and address and a phone number to:







How to order prints click here   To view the winning BBC image, click here.


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