WEDDING portrait London EVENT photo HERTS bucks BEDS oxford BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP
WEDDING portrait EVENT photo London HERTS bucks BEDS oxford MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP BBC photographer of the year WEDDING portrait EVENT photo BEDS oxford London HERTS bucks BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP

How to take better wedding photographs

How to just take better photographs!


Everyone who has ever picked up a camera has got to a point where they know enough to know, they don't know enough!  How they get past that point depends on the individual,  the circumstances and to some degree the technology and facilities available to them.


Really, it doesn't!  Don't believe it's possible?  if you gave your camera to a photographer of the calibre of Adams, Litchfield, David Bailey or Mann Ray they would get the most  amazing photographs because they are masters of using and controlling the light the camera sees.

The camera manufacturers would have you believe that you MUST have the latest all singing all dancing technology and for some shots, you might!  But for the other 90%, the camera you have is probably more than good enough.  Photography is about painting with light, the technology can compensate for many things but as yet, it can't compose a great picture for you or show you how to use light you have.  

One solution is to learn, spend a day with me and practice with your camera until you are comfortable. You will be amazed at what you see on your camera!

There are other advantages too, working with controlled light in a studio helps you understand how light changes what the camera captures, so ALL your photographs benefit from that understanding, indoor  or outside, portrait or landscape. 

"You'll never look at a scene the same way again!"


Try this exercise, take an ordinary egg, a piece of white A4 paper and a light source.  Spend an hour taking pictures of the egg with the light source in different places and different angles.  How does it affect the image on the camera of the egg?  Let me know how you get on and send me the first and the last image!


Gemma-before Gemma-after

Lighting workshop; 1 day

Ever wanted to make a quantum leap in your portrait pictures? Don't know how to choose and use the best lighting for a studio? You've probably already got enough room at home to use them! 

The difference it will make to your portraits is amazing and by seeing how light affects the image, your outdoor images will get better too! This workshop will take you through what you need to know about studio lighting. From the basics of one light to the advanced multi light setups:

  • How to choose your studio lights, continuous or flash and why?
  • What you need to buy. What you DON'T need to buy
  • How to use a flash and light meter,
  • How to use your camera as a light meter
  • Soft and hard light and colour balance
  • Reflectors, tri-flectors, flags and screens
  • Portraits with one, two and three flash heads and how to pose your models
  • Using on camera flash heads off camera!
  • Dedicated, non dedicated and Quantum flash
  • Infra red and wireless remote operation
  • How to set up studio lighting for portraits and group shots
  • High key, mid key and low key lighting
  • Soft boxes, brollies, snoots, barn doors and honeycombs
  • Mixing flash with daylight
  • The special effects possible with the awesome Elinchrom Octa 197
  • QUANTUM portable flash heads and attachments
  • Where to buy NEW lighting equipment half price!

The workshop is a hands on event with 2 models available all day, you'll get the chance to see what differences the lights can make to your pictures and you'll get lots of time to shoot your own pictures.


Free tea, coffee, and soft drinks are available all day and a buffet lunch is provided.

Numbers are deliberately kept low on these workshops, the objective is for you to learn and try out the setups and not, as on most courses, for the course to make money!


For this workshop all you need is:

A camera with full manual operation and a hot shoe. Although it's better to use your own camera, loan cameras can be arranged, just let us know beforehand!


For more information and course dates, please email me;




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