WEDDING portrait London EVENT photo HERTS bucks BEDS oxford BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP
WEDDING portrait EVENT photo London HERTS bucks BEDS oxford MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP BBC photographer of the year WEDDING portrait EVENT photo BEDS oxford London HERTS bucks BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP



Three of my main camera bags and their contents, as well as 6 of my retired Nikon film bodies.


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Based near Aylesbury in the county of my Lord Buckingham, I am a full time professional photographer and I can often be found travelling around the country taking pictures on all kinds of commissions.  I've been a photographer for over twenty years and no two days have ever been the same.   I consider myself to be very fortunate in getting paid to do something that I love.  

All the equipment I now use is digital and my studio is fitted out with state of the art portable equipment.  If you come to the studio here for a portrait, you'll enjoy some fine views of the Aylesbury vale, some old fashioned hospitality and a huge smile when you see the results. 

Whenever time permits the frozen climate of the arctic circle will find me chasing the elusive dance of the aurora borealis, the Northern lights. See the showreel entry for my favourite aurora imagery.

Equestrian portraits are always a pleasure to capture.  I've enjoyed most of the esoteric or eclectic equine pursuits, Jousting, Cossack style trick riding, and I have also played some very bad polo.  The current stable of four welsh cobs ensures I am never far away from feeding or mucking out, and the addition of a new foal, " Pixel" who's already a huge handful at 9 months!


A tame troupe of stunt fancy pigeons, (Old German Shield Marked Owls) also available for hire,  chimneys are one of their specialities.  


Four (now 5) Welsh cobs, two section C currently doing garden ornament impersonations, one section D in boot camp learning to do dressage... (no, the white boards around the edge are NOT jumps!) and one section "A" on loan to a very happy little girl doing "My little pony" for real! and a new foal rescued from near heathrow.  3 Donkeys, now 7 donk!  and a 39 year old horse, yes, Thirty nine!! complete the rescue centre. Our old boy died since writing this and the donks have now turned into a  herd!  The neighbours are watching closely to see if I start building a large wooden ship! 


Two Angora cross goats, Spike and Milly are always happy to say hello and will give you a good sniffing to ensure you do not have any food hidden about your person.


KC pedigree English Bull Terrier pup, "Dexter" who should be called "Dyson"!  as he hoovers everything up and  eats it. Almost a year old, great temperament but completely incorrigable.


"Mocha" Full blown working Kelpie...  training me to do agility and tricks.  As a relaxation he loves drag racing, I've clocked him at 30mph, which is faster than most things outside the greyhound world.




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