WEDDING portrait London EVENT photo HERTS bucks BEDS oxford BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP
WEDDING portrait EVENT photo London HERTS bucks BEDS oxford MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP BBC photographer of the year WEDDING portrait EVENT photo BEDS oxford London HERTS bucks BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP

Superb!  I love that picture, so 'atmospheric'! - Chris Davies, Melbourne, Australia

The aurora borealis was great But if you had used film, you would have had no problem with the greens...  marvelous photo! - Mario, Sao Paulo, Brazil    

Hi Mario,  If I'd used film it may well have cracked and split  in the cold

 :-) Max

That is awesome - absolutely breathtaking. Magical!  - Jan

Besides being beautiful and technically brilliant it lets you make a story about the scene in your own mind.  - Vivien Foster

Well done, old chap!!  - Lucy Goldbergh

What a fantastic photo! well done! good luck in the future  - Ben Newsome

This is lovely! I have some photos of the northern lights in Finland but no where as great as this! Well done  - Emma Swain

Nice one Max Well done and all the best for the furture,  - Jesse Weaver


Your winning photo is stunning. My son said it's hard to believe it's on this planet - Marianthi Coroneou


A truly amazing shot - Steve Robson


Your photography is refreshing and individual, I don't think I have ever seen such an eery but astounding photo - Jim Hatch


This is amazing! - Martin Theiss


What amazing auroa pictures - Tim


Amazing! When I saw that picture it made me melt - Joseph Schaeppi


I absolutely love the photo - Meghan Kelly


I was absolutely moved with its beauty and strong appeal - Shirley Buxton, CA


What a wonderful photo - Ani Kowal


I LOVE your northern lights picture - Sarah Cosgrove

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