WEDDING portrait London EVENT photo HERTS bucks BEDS oxford BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP
WEDDING portrait EVENT photo London HERTS bucks BEDS oxford MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP BBC photographer of the year WEDDING portrait EVENT photo BEDS oxford London HERTS bucks BBC photographer of the year MAX PICKERING LRPS LSWPP

Aurora safaris

I've travelled from the UK all over the world, to Australia, the South Pacific, Fiji, Hawaii, the USA, The Caribbean.  Across Europe too, but the only destination I've ever been to more than once is my SEVEN trips to the high arctic of Northern Finland.  A place where the air is so clear you can see the milky way with the naked eye,  when a car goes past, you can smell it and where it can be so quiet, it would need to get noisier to be silent!

If you are looking for something different in a holiday and you like the aurora, email me! I love to talk about he aurora, and I'm passionate that what took me 7 years to learn shouldn't take anyone else that long! is pleased to announce the" Aurora Safaris".  Having spent so much time in the area, I can show you how to get off the tourist conveyer belt and see things that only  the locals know of.   

Although the appearance of the aurora borealis cannot be guaranteed, if they do appear, be in the perfect place to capture them on your own camera with an award winning photographic guide.


For the second season, is proud to offer guided Photographic tours of the high Arctic.  Each trip is tailored to YOUR needs, so for further details please contact me.  But here's some ideas;

3,6,or 13  nights in northern Lapland, 150 km inside the arctic circle

Luxury log cabin accommodation

The Very very best locations for aurora hunting

Snowmobile into the wilderness for a week and swim in the arctic sea

Take a team of huskies to the Russian border





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